Agriculture and livestock

Procedures, subsidies and allowances for your agricultural, livestock or fishing activity.


Legislation, judicial system, issuance of documents, etc.


Procedures for enrolment and attendance at all levels of education.

Business activity

Services to start and grow your business.

Employment and insurance

Tools and services for your job search, insurance and retirement.


Procedures and documents for all family-related events in your life.

Property and taxation

Instructions and services for the management of your property and taxation.

Citizens and day-to-day life

Services for your contacts with the public sector and the stay of third-country nationals.

Culture, sport and tourism

Cultural content services, procedures for internal and external tourism.


Procedures for service and military schools, services for uniforms and retired.

Health and welfare

Procedures for individual and public health, services for medicines, hospitalisation and allowances. Wallet Wallet offers the ability to create, save and control new digital documents, like your driver's license and identification card.

Digital documents provided through are equal to physical documents, for all legal purposes within Greece.

Learn more about Wallet is the new web portal of Greece. It hosts every digital service of the Greek ministries, organisations, authorities and the country’s regions, which are already provided online. 

You are now able to search directly for the service you are interested in or find it through the provided categories. Also, you can see all the services by ministry, organisation, independent authority or region will be continuously evolving. Soon it will be the digital service centre that brings together everything you need for your transactions with the public sector.

Parliamentary elections May 2023
Date published: 15/05/2023

In all digital services related to the parliamentary elections of 21 May 2023.

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Date published: 27/04/2023

Find the public service you want easily and quickly, now and in English!

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Get a copy of higher education degrees
Date published: 21/04/2023

You can issue your higher education qualification

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