Issue an e-Apostille

You can issue an e-apostille of the Hague Convention on a document you have issued yourself from

You will need:

  • either your personal internet banking credentials
  • or your personal Taxisnet credentials (after first registering in the National Communication Register (EMEP), in order to confirm your mobile phone number)
  • the unique code of the document you wish to mark electronically

The e-Apostille is added to the document in 3 languages, Greek, English and French and the new document is saved in your Inlbox.

The e-apostille document carries a new unique number, which is used to verify its validity.

At this stage, the e-marking can be done on documents that you have issued yourself from and they are the following:

Please note that documents that you have received in your Inbox after applying to a KEP / Municipality office cannot yet be e-Apostillised 

Other documents will be added gradually.

Service Information

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