Get a certificate of permanent residence

You can apply to the Municipality of your residence for issuing a certificate in relation to your permanent address.

You will need to:

  • enter your personal Taxisnet credentials
  • attach a proof of your permanent residence

Such a proof of permanent residence can be either:

  1. A copy of your income tax return (E1 form ) or a copy of the income tax return statement of the last tax year.
  2. A recent mobile phone bill or a bill of a Public Utility Company (e.g. a fixed telephony bill, an electricity bill, a water supply or gas supply bill).

Once the certificate has been issued by the Municipality, it will be uploaded to your Inbox and you will be notified by e-mail and text message (sms).

See the Municipalities that have joined, which accept applications for permanent residence. Gradually, all the country's Municipalities will be included in the service and will accept applications.

If the Municipality of your permanent residence is not listed on, you can issue the certificate by booking an online appointment on myKEPlive so as to be served by an employee of the Citizens' Service Centres (KEP).

Service Information

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