Use the myPhoto app (for photographers)

If you are a certified professional photographer and/or their authorised employee, you can upload your customers' photos and signatures, to the customers' Myphoto accounts for citizens, to that they are able to use them in online applications and services provided by public sector entities, in case the use of such a photo or the citizen's signature is required.

You will need to enter:

  • either your corporate Taxisnet credentials or your personal Taxisnet credentials (after first registering in the National Communication Register (EMEP), in order to confirm your mobile phone number)
  • your customer's mobile phone number or email address
  • and optionally, to authorise, through the application, employees of yours to upload the files

After uploading the files, a code is sent to the communication medium indicated by your customer.
Please note that there is a daily upload limit for each photographer, including the uploads of their employees.

Features of the uploaded files

There are specific digital file specifications for facial photographs and the imaging of handwritten signatures.

Service Information

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