Get a heating allowance

You can apply to be included in the register of beneficiaries of the heating allowance or declare the percentage of the heating cost that is attributable to your apartment in the building, and benefit, provided that you consume:
gas oil
natural gas or LPG
fuel wood or biomass (pellets)
You will need to:

  • select "Expression of Interest"
  • choose the fuel you consume
  • enter the power supply number
  • choose whether you live in a single-family house or an apartment building
  • choose if you are an owner or a tenant (enter the owner's Tax Identification Number (AFM))
  • enter a valid and active bank account number (IBAN) in which the allowance will be credited

Please note that:
The cross-checking of purchase documents is carried out automatically in the case of gas oil consumers

For other fuels (natural gas, LPG, firewood, biomass-pellets), except for heating oil, you need to submit the details of purchase documents by selecting "My supporting documents".

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