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Get a European digital COVID-19 certificate

You can issue the European Digital COVID-19 Certificate if you have either:

  • completed the vaccination process
  • fallen sick and the positive test result has been recorded by the Health Unit/ Diagnostic Centre/ Laboratory / Unit which performed the test. As of 2 December 2021, the certificate is issued exclusively after a PCR diagnostic test.
  • or have been tested with a diagnostic Rapid or PCR test (during the last 30 days) and the negative result has been recorded by the Health Unit/Diagnostic Centre/Laboratory/Unit which performed the test

For the certificate to be issued, you must have a Greek identity card that lists your details in Latin characters or a valid passport.

You will need:

  • your personal Taxisnet credentials
  • your Social Insurance Number (AMKA)

Main features of the certificate:

  • it is issued in digital and/or print version
  • it is safe and secure and includes a QR code
  • it is also issued in English

The validity of the certificate can be confirmed only at specific traveller entry control points, by means of a specific application portal developed by the EU.

This certificate is not a mandatory travel document. The scientific evidence about COVID-19 vaccination, testing and recovery continues to evolve, also taking into account new variants of the virus. Before travelling, you need to check the current public health measures and the related restrictions in force at your destination. Relevant information

Alternatively, you have the option to book an online appointment on myKEPlive so as to be served by an employee of the Citizens' Service Centres (KEP) via video conference.

If you do not have Taxisnet credentials to log in to gov.gr or you have an identification document from another country or you have another problem issuing the certificate, you can visit a Citizens' Service Centre (KEP) to issue the European Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

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