Digitally certify a document

You can digitally certify a document of yours. For the digital certification, you will need:

  • either your personal internet banking credentials or your personal Taxisnet credentials (after first registering in the National Communication Register (EMEP), to confirm your mobile phone number)
  • your mobile phone number, to which the confirmation codes will be sent before the document is issued
  • the document you wish to certify electronically in.pdf format

When you upload the document you want to digitally certify, you need to select the language (Greek or English) in which the digital certificate will be issued. If you choose English, the first and last name in Latin characters are automatically drawn, but you have the option to modify them.

With the digital certificate, the unique verification identification number in alphanumeric and QR format is printed at the bottom of each page of your document and, at the end of the document, the electronic stamp of and the issuer's details are printed.

The digital certificate you will issue is legally equivalent to a document bearing the original signature and you can either send it electronically, or print it and submit it in paper form.

The certificate is stored in the Citizen's Inbox.

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