Check the validity of documents

You can check the validity of a document issued by

You will need:

  • either the document verification code
  • or the QR code

More specifically, you can validate:

  • formal declarations
  • authorisations
  • municipal roll certificates
  • certificates issued by the municipal registry office
  • a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination certificate
  • a free parking pass for electric vehicles

Law 4727/2020

The documents issued by bear a unique verification identification number and an advanced electronic stamp of the Ministry of Digital Governance and are mandatorily accepted by all public and private sector bodies, as well as by natural or legal persons or legal entities:

a) as electronic documents circulated using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), without requiring a digital signature or other electronic stamp and with the validity of an original document

b) As hard copies, provided they are printed from the Single Digital Portal application ( of the Public Administration, without further formalities or validation processes and with the validity of a copy.

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