Get the traffic pass for use in the Athens' ring

You can issue a special pass to move freely in the Athens' ring. Your vehicle category needs to be one of the following:
  • an electric vehicle
  • manufactured as a natural gas - or liquid gas - fuelled vehicle
  • a hybrid vehicle
  • classified as a Euro 6 car and at the same time emitting less than 120 gr CO2 (NEDC), if registered before 2021, or less than 145 gr CO2 (WLTP), if registered in 2021 and beyond. It should be noted that the CO2 emissions are not related to the Euro 6 classification.

You will need to enter:

  • your personal Taxisnet credentials
  • the vehicle registration number
  • the Tax Identification Number (AFM) of the owner/company owning the vehicle

The special pass has a unique verification identification number for verifying the content of the document.

For entry permits for permanent residents of the Municipality of Athens, you can apply here.

The Athens' ring implementation period is determined on an annual basis. Currently, it is active from 10 October 2022 to 21 July 2023.

If your vehicle category is not one of the above, and you are entitled to one of the other traffic permits in the Athens' ring, you can apply for it at the Attica Traffic Police.

Service Information

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