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Attribution of Tax Identification Number (AFM) and key to natural person

You can request that you be assigned a Tax Identification Number (AFM) and pass key exclusively electronically and thenidentify yourself physically to an employee via videoconference or by physically  (in person) attending the Tax Office (DO-Tax Office) of your choice.
You can submit a request either:

  • the interested parties themselves as natural persons, irrespective of their tax residence
  • the legal representatives of natural persons (minors, persons lacking legal capacity, tax representatives of residents abroad, etc.
  • third natural persons, if you have specific authorisation to attribute Tax Identification Number (AFM) and pass key

You or your representative will need to:

  • enter your personal details (names and birth details), your identification document and your contact details
  • enter your nationality, family status Tax Identification Number (AFM) of related persons (spouse, representative)
  • attach the necessary supporting documents on a case-by-case basis
  • enter the desired user name for Taxisnet code version

In addition, representatives should:

  • fill in your personal Taxisnet credentials
  • attach the decision on protective supervision, if any

Next steps

If you have submitted the application yourself you will be asked to identify yourself either:

  • via video call on myAADElive and be served by a representative of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) directly or by planning an appointment at a later date
  • by scheduling an appointment with physical presence (in person) at the desired Tax Office (DO-Tax Office)

You will receive in the email you  have registered the confirmation of the the Tax Identification Number (AFM) certificate, the key pass and the Taxisnet credentials, in an encrypted file.

If you are a representative, the above procedure will not be necessary as you have already identified yourself with your personal Taxisnet credentials.

Service Information

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