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Register on the special electoral rolls for postal votes

Greek citizens who are registered in the electoral rolls and wish to  vote by postal vote can register in the special electoral rolls created for this purpose.

The right to vote by postal vote applies to European elections and referendums and you can vote whether you live in Greece or abroad (even if you do not have a TIN number).

You will need:

  • for those who have a TIN number - to fill in your personal credentials on Taxisnet, and confirm your mobile phone number and email address if you are not already certified in the National Contact Register (EMEP)
  • for those who do not have a TIN - to identify yourself by combining the details of your valid Greek passport and your police identity card or demotolition number. In addition, for your identification you will need to enter a one-time code (OTP) that will be sent from the application to your mobile phone
  • to fill in your address of residence and the address you wish to receive the electoral material
For the upcoming European elections, the deadline for submitting applications to register on the special lists for postal voting is 29.04.2024.

Receipt of electoral material by the voter

The envelope with the electoral material will be sent to you no later than 15 days before the elections. You will be informed of its dispatch by e-mail and will be sent a link for tracking its progress.  It includes:

  • a postal vote return envelope
  • ballot paper
  • a return of postal vote return envelope
  • an instruction form
  • list of candidates
  • application form - solemn declaration

Voting envelopes must be fully anonymised and bear a special authenticity mark.

Dispatch of the reply envelope by the voter

After you have completed the process you must return the reply envelope and it must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before the election.

You will be notified by cell phone message and email when the envelope is received by the responsible authority.

The entire process of receiving the materials and mailing the ballot envelope is free of charge to the voter.

You can even change or cancel your registration application for postal vote. For the upcoming 2024 European elections this can be done until 29.04.2024.

Alternatively, applications to register in the special electoral rolls can be submitted via the KEPs or the Greek diplomatic authorities abroad. The rest of the procedure remains the same.

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