File a motion to set a new hearing date for a pending case subject to Law 3869/2010

If you have filed a motion to the court settling your debts as set forth in Law 3869/2010, for a case pending in the first instance and of which the hearing has been set after 15.6.2021, you are required. through your attorney, to file a motion for setting a new hearing date.
If you are an authorised attorney, you need to file the motion to which all parties to the case will have access.

You will need to login with your personal Taxisnet credentials.

When to apply:
Depending on the filing day of the application initiating proceedings, the motions for setting a new hearing date can be filed from 1.12.2020 to 30.6.2021 (Article 4D of Law 3869/2010).

You will need to:
If you are included in the motion in any capacity (e.g. applicant, attorney at law, representative, party to the case, etc.), select "Register on the platform" to receive the relevant notifications.
If you are the applicant, select "Authorisation of attorney at law - Application overview" after registering, so as to be able to authorise a lawyer to file the motion and track its further progress.
If you are a lawyer authorised to file and manage the motion, select "Create - Manage motion".
If you are a party to a motion already filed, select "Access a motion for setting a new hearing date".

For any query, login to the application and select "Help" then "Questions".

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