Optional insurance in TEKA

If you are insured in the supplementary insurance branch of the e-EFKA, if you are a non-employee with no obligation to join the supplementary insurance, and you were born on or after 1.1.1987 you ou can be insured in the Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund (TEKA).

  • For the change from the supplementary insurance of the e-EFKA to TEKA:
    • You can apply online for a change of supplementary insurance institution and become a member of the TEKA supplementary insurance scheme if you are already employed and insured, compulsorily or voluntarily, in the e-EFKA supplementary insurance scheme. The age criterion applies and the service is available until 31.12.2023.
    • The change of institution can only be effected once and is irrevocable.
  • For optional affiliation to the supplementary insurance to TEKA
    • You can apply online for optional affiliation to the supplementary insurance scheme of the TEKA if you are not employed and are not obliged to be affiliated to the supplementary insurance scheme. There is no time limit for this service as long as you meet the age criterion.
    • Insurance at ΤEKA ends only after the termination of the main insurance.

Service Information

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