Registration/renewal of registration in a General and Professional High School

The process of submitting online applications for registration, renewal or transfer for the 2023-2024 school year has been completed. 
Please note that:

  • There is no longer an option to submit new applications.
  • For applications already submitted.
    • There is no possibility of amending or deleting applications that have already been submitted.
    • It is possible to view, save and/or print them via the "My Applications" option (top right button after logging in via TaxisNet).

If you are a student’s guardian or you wish to enrol, renew enrol or transfer to a general and vocational secondary school, you can apply for school year 2023-2024, regardless of the school of last school.

An application should be made for:

  • students C ‘High School’ (YEL), Vocational High School (EPAL) or Model Vocational High School (PEPAL) or Model Vocational High School (PEPAL).
  • secondary school pupils who will renew their enrolment for grade B or C respectively (General High School (YEL), Vocational High School (EPAL) or Model Vocational High School (PEPAL) or to be transferred to another type of school.

You will need your personal Taxisnet credentials.


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