I move electrically II

You can apply for a subsidy for the purchase or long-term lease of an electric vehicle and the purchase of an electric two-wheeler, tricycle or bicycle.
You can even get a subsidy for installing a smart home charger in your principal place of residence or for scrapping your old vehicle.

Natural and legal persons are entitled to the subsidy. People with more than three children and people with disabilities are entitled to an additional subsidy.

You will need to:

  • subscribe to the service
  • enter your personal details
  • select the vehicle category, model and value
  • choose if you want a charger (natural and legal persons)
  • select if you want to scrap a vehicle
  • choose whether you are a person with more than three children or a person with disabilities
  • attach the necessary supporting documents
  • fill in the application

You will be informed online if your application is approved or needs to be filed again.
Once it is approved and you have proceeded to purchase or lease the vehicle you have selected, apply for payment in order to get the subsidy.

Service Information

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