Book an online appointment with a service of the National Cadastre

You can book an online appointment on myKTIMATOLOGIOlive to be served via video conference by a competent employee and receive general information about the real estate you are interested in, from the National Cadastre.

You can select:

  • "General information from central services" to receive general information and guidance on matters related to the Cadastre
  • "General information from local cadastral offices" to receive general information about real estates in the areas served by the cadastral offices of: Western Macedonia - Kozani, Sterea Ellada - Lamia, Attica - Koropi, Peloponnese - Tripoli, North Aegean - Mytilini, Cyclades - Syros, Kalamaria branch, Veria branch, Trikala branch, Aegialia - Aegio branch, Zakynthos branch, Patmos branch, Chania branch

To book your online appointment, you will need to enter:

  • your full name
  • your email address
  • your mobile phone number
  • your address
  • optionally, the area (Prefecture, LGO) of your interest

After the video conference, and if deemed necessary, the employee of the National Cadastre will schedule a new video conference with a specialised consultant of the National Cadastre, on a day and time of your choice.

Please note that someone else can also book the appointment for you. However, you should personally attend the video conference.

Service Information

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