Settle your debts extra-judicially

You or your authorised adviser can apply for the extrajudicial settlement of your debt, if it cumulatively exceeds the amount of €10,000, and is payable to:

  • financial institutions
  • the Greek state
  • social insurance organisations

You will need your personal Taxisnet credentials.

The application is assessed by the financial institutions which in turn submit, through the platform, a debt restructuring proposal. If you agree to the proposal, you will conclude the restructuring agreement with your creditors.

The consent of the State and of social insurance organisations is subject to specific conditions and is an automated process.
Please note that the application is submitted by both you and the persons you have included in the scheme: spouse, dependent family member or co-debtor


Please select one of the following capacities (applicant, adviser, spouse, dependent family member or co-debtor) applicable to you.

For any query, login to the application portal and select "Help" then "Questions".

Service Information

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